When building in the cloud it is crucial to use infrastructure as code (IaC) tools! For years Terraform was my tool of choice. This might have changed a bit… Using declarative multi-provider tools, like Terraform has its own charm - especially if you are working on the ops side of things. But it can also get pretty hard to handle with increasing complexity or special demand to your infrastructure setup. AWS CDK IaC solves these challenges and makes IaC more accessible to devs building on AWS.

We’ll explore treatments for pains like, deploying your Lambdas, spend too much time thinking about the right permission set for a service or implementing our own best practices (and more!), helping us identify why and when CDK is a better choice when deploying to AWS cloud. Plus I show you ways to migrate your current setup to CDK.

This is no rant about Terraform, but rather a reality check on how efficient AWS CDK can be in contrast to declarative multi-provider tools like Terraform. So let’s take a look together and step up your IaC game on AWS.


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